About us


Every pair of custom shoes is carefully hand painted personally to create a precise outcome to match my customers needs. Using only the best leather paints and durable acrylic protection allows waterproof, crack proof and durable art just for your feet!

Not only do I sell products that have been created by previous customers, but I love collaborating with my customers to create something unique, new and fresh that they will fall in love with.

My journey into creating art for the feet started around 2 years ago just after I purchased a brand new pair of Nike Footscapes. Like a kid in a candy store I was excited and eager to try out my new prize possession,strapping them on straight away.
Being an Art student, you know that at any moment a liquid substance could just appear out of no where and just ruin your day. In this case ruin my brand new shoes....
White paint all over my brand new black shoes!

At this point my shoes seemed to be untreatable. However I realised I could use my skill to create something unique and reviving.
From that point my interest for mixing my passion for art and shoes stemmed as I realised I could make this into a form of income.

From the time I started my website page it would have been around the two year mark in which I started creating custom bespoke hand painted footwear. In this time I have tried and tested many techniques, styles, designs and forms for protection to create the greatest possible outcome for each pair of shoes. Forms of trial and error have allowed me to find the best ways to create shoe art whilst being waterproof, crack proof and durable.

If you cannot find what exactly what you are looking for on my page, please do not hesitate to contact me to create a unique custom just for you!