{SOLD OUT} Grey Fade Nike Huarache

  • {SOLD OUT} Grey Fade Nike Huarache
  • {SOLD OUT} Grey Fade Nike Huarache
  • {SOLD OUT} Grey Fade Nike Huarache

{SOLD OUT} Grey Fade Nike Huarache



  • About:

Custom hand painted Grey Fade Nike Huarache by LGMSG.

  • Base shoe:

Please note that I purchase the shoes from a retailer before I customise the shoe by hand.In this case the base shoe is the Nike Huarache in the All White colourway.

With this in mind you do not have to have the exact same design as the one shown in the pictures. You can change certain aspects of the custom to suit you. Whether this being the shade,colour or part of the shoe were the design is applied.

  • Turnaround Time:

The production of each pair of shoes in generally around 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the shoe. Once shipped, customers should receive their  product within 1-3 days for domestic orders.International orders can take from 6-12 days to receive product.

  • Care for Shoes:

These custom shoe should be cared for properly.While the paint applied is very high quality and durable i do not recommend exposing them to extreme weather or participating in heavy duty action or sports if you plan on keeping them in good condition.Please note that any scraping, scratching as well as any other forms of neglect may result in permanent damage to the shoe.In terms of washing them,I would recommend investing in a shoe cleaning kit.I personally recommend the cleaning kit from Crep Protect.

If you plan on using a washing machine, put it on a No heat wash!

  • Returns:

As each order is made to order in the preferred size, colour and design. All sales are final. If you are unsure on any information I have provided or unsure on the sizing of the product please get in contact with me so i can ensure you are ordering the correct size.

Please note that the default sizing on my website page is in UK sizes. However i do have the US conversion next to the equivalent Uk size. However if you need a size conversion please feel free to ask before you order!

Once again. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any point regarding my service.



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